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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 8:51 PM

STAMP: I support Irkpreciation by FortheLoveofKei


:bulletwhite: THIS JOURNAL IS VERY LONG, but there is a lot of important information in it! Please skim through it!

:bulletwhite: InvaderCON3 is THIS WEEKEND! For those of you going, please look out for ProjectHalfbreed and Heavenbat. They will be wearing their t-shirts and will have something with them I want you to help me with! (Look below for information!)

:bulletwhite: MARY SUE CONTEST IS BEING RE-RELEASED! See below for information!

:bulletwhite: NEW CONTEST: Design a Mascot for Irkpreciation! See below for details!

:bulletblue::bulletblue:MARY SUE CONTEST:bulletblue::bulletblue:

So, let’s try this again!

THE GOAL: Design the most Mary Sue/Gary Stu character to ever exist. You must do a drawing AND a full bio in order to qualify for this contest! By bio, I mean like their age, height, weight, history, personality, etc.) BONUS POINTS if they’re in a relationship with a canon character or a canon character hates their guts.

THE PRIZE: Top two characters get a full digital commission from FortheLoveofKei (sorry, no nightmares). Third and fourth place get cleaned-up sketches.

DUE DATE: AUGUST 31s, 2014 at 12 AM EST

Submit HERE.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:IRKPRECIATION MASCOT CONTEST:bulletblue::bulletblue:

So, I talked to the lovely people over at Irkcellent and they have bestowed me this gift: we get to have our own mascot with their blessing. I definitely got the idea from them, so I wanted to make sure I had their blessing before enacting this contest. SO, here we go!

THE GOAL: Design a mascot to represent Irkpreciation in future endeavors including, but not limited to, icon design, club poster design, club-themed contests, new journal CSS and more.

:bulletpink: Race: Irken (preferred), Vortian or other CANON species
:bulletpink: Gender: ANY
:bulletpink: Age: ANY
:bulletpink: Personality: Bubbly, friendly, supportive, ready to find new features
:bulletpink: Color Scheme: Please use the club colors: black, pink, purple, and all shades there-in

PLEASE draw your ref in INVADER ZIM STYLE. While we love seeing your styles, it’s helpful to have a reference in a style we’re all familiar with. If you can’t do that, it’s okay. Just try your best!

:bulletpink: This contest is open to EVERYONE including myself and the other admins for Irkpreciation
:bulletpink: The winner will be chosen through a series of polls after the due date.

The biggest prize, of course, is getting to have your design be used as the group’s mascot. The winner also will get 400 :points: from FortheLoveofKei, a full color digital commission with no background from FortheLoveofKei, a full colored commission with abstract background from Heavenbat, and a big bottle pixel commission from ProjectHalfbreed

There will be 2 runners up. Each runner up will receive a lineart commission from FortheLoveofKei, a full color bust commission from Heavenbat, and a chibi bouncy pixel commission from ProjectHalfbreed.

DUE DATE: September 30th, 2014 at 12AM Pacific Standard Time(PST)

Submit HERE.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:INVADERCON3 SPECIAL PROJECT:bulletblue::bulletblue:

I have sent ProjectHalfbreed a sketchbook! She is bringing it to the con and there is something I would like you guys to do. GO FIND HER AND DRAW IN THE SKETCHBOOK! You can draw whatever you want! When the con is over, she's going to send it back to me and I'm going to scan all your drawings and upload them to the group to show everyone! So please, go find ProjectHalfbreed and draw in the book! I look forward to seeing all your doodles!


Have you ever wanted a irkpreciation t-shirt? Well... GOOD NEWS. I've gotten ProjectHalfbreed to design a logo to put on a shirt. I've ordered a couple for me and a couple other people. If you want one too, I'm taking orders. This is the logo:

Irkpreciation Logo 2.0 by ProjectHalfbreed

If you want one of your own IP t-shirts, NOTE me with your size. If you want it with just the logo, they cost $30 USD ($25 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). If you want your name on the back as well (whether that be your username or your real name), they cost $35 USD ($30 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS $3 EXTRA. If you get it with your name on it, I have to order 6+ with names to order them. CustomInk is finicky like that. I can order single t-shirts without names though. PayPal is the only acceptable form of payment at the moment. If you wish to order a t-shirt, please NOTE ME. ProjectHalfbreed and Heavenbat will be wearing their t-shirts at InvaderCON in July if you wish to see them in person. When they get here, I'll be taking shots of me in mine to post here! ((I still haven't taken pictures ><; ))

Our first order has come through! Thank you!


:bulletwhite: IP-Com-Listing is open for business! If you want to have your commissions listed in the group, please let us know and we will get them posted as soon as possible.

:bulletpink:SOS COMMISSIONS:bulletpink:
Are you in need of some financial assistance? Note us and we'll post your commissions listing up here. If you aren't taking commissions and are instead taking donations, we can still post those here. C:

:bulletblue::bulletblue:SUPER GROUP AND POINTS:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Supergroup til January 7th, 2015

563 :points:

If you wish to donate points to the club, please put them in IrkpreciationCommish's donation pool.



:bulletpurple:JUST BECAUSE FEATURE:bulletpurple:

Heavenbat and I chose ArtificialSquid as our just because feature this week. ArtificialSquid was a participant in IP-Pageant that dropped out in June, so we felt like featuring them since they didn’t get a chance to show off their awesome artwork in the pageant. They entered Trevis and it looks like they deleted the entry, which makes me sad. It was awesome. So, have some pretty arts from ArtificialSquid!

:bulletgreen: Fluffybutts by ArtificialSquid:bulletgreen: Miik Ref by ArtificialSquid:bulletgreen: Mortia profile by ArtificialSquid:bulletgreen: Meet the presidents by ArtificialSquid:bulletgreen: Contest Entry: Myk by ArtificialSquid:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:UNSEEN IRKEN ARTIST:bulletpurple:

I found InvaderKwin through UnseenIrkenArtists. InvaderKwin has been on dA for 3 years, has a little over 12K views and 220+ watchers. InvaderKwin has a cute style, sort of IZ-esc, but with a touch of her own uniqueness. Her OCs are awesome and overall I like her style. I hope to see some more awesome stuff out of her! Have some art:

:bulletgreen: Halo Kwin by InvaderKwin:bulletgreen: Another Race by InvaderKwin:bulletgreen: Turn Up The Music by InvaderKwin:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:SELFLESS ARTIST FEATURE:bulletpurple:

So, I was on TheEvilTeaDrinker’s livestream and I asked everyone there who they thought was a selfless artist in the fandom. The consensus was CuddlesAndHuggles! The reason that Cudds is a selfless artist is that she draws a lot of gift art for people! (Yes, this is something the selfless artist feature covers!) So, I want to personally thank CuddlesAndHuggles for contributing to the fandom and being so nice! CuddlesAndHuggles is also an admin for Irkcellent and Trial-by-Fire-OCT (please check these groups out if you haven’t yet!). HAVE SOME ART:

:bulletgreen: MissFemke Floaty Gift by CuddlesAndHuggles:bulletgreen: IZ: #SELFIE by CuddlesAndHuggles:bulletgreen: Giftie: starS by CuddlesAndHuggles:bulletgreen:

:bulletpink::bulletpink:NEW AFFILIATES:bulletpink::bulletpink:

“Irkcellent is a community intended for all those Invader Zim artists out there, new and old. We are primarily based around the fandom, and OCs that are made. [However, that doesn't mean we aren't willing to take some canon works as well!]Anything IZ related is accepted here in this group, although please be mindful of the few guidelines we have established to keep this a safe and pleasant environment for all!

Here we make it our personal effort to create a fun, interactive, and engaging group intended to bring together and connect people within the fandom on a more personal level, aid in discovering new artists, and also help grow individually with one another in our abilities! Feel free to let your artistic talents show in this group, cause what is an organization like this without its members. As an ‘art gallery’ we will always want to see your art, especially the best of your works!”

Irkcellent is a newer group here in the IZ fandom and they’re truly spectacular. They do monthly updates and host contests and are generally really awesome. I am very proud to have them as an affiliate and I hope they do excellent things in the future! Big shoutout to TheEvilTeaDrinker, Joydroid, serenadefox, CuddlesAndHuggles, and SupremacyRain for their contributions to the fandom!

Trial-by-Fire-OCT is a new OCT in the fandom! TBF is a highland tournament accepting applications right now! So if you’re looking for a new OCT to join and are disillusioned by what’s happened recently with other OCTs or you’re new to the fandom and are looking for something fun to do with everyone, go and join! I promise that OCTs are a great place to meet new people and make new friends! I’ve made lots of friends over the years through OCTs and I’ve found amazing artists to watch and learn from as well. TBF is accepting applications now. Click here to find out how to join! Big shoutout to Chiiasa and TheCau for starting up this OCT! (Also shoutout to the mods and judges: Joydroid, TheEvilTeaDrinker, Alison-lynn, serenadefox, and CuddlesAndHuggles!)

SORRY THIS JOURNAL IS HELLA LONG! Hope you enjoyed it and read it all!

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