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January 2015 - SURVEY

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 12:55 PM


Welcome to Irkpreciation


:bulletpink: Secret Valentine is up and ready! See below for details!

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:SECRET VALENTINE:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

Well, 16 of you seem to want to do Secret Valentine this year, so we're going to do it!

How this works:
Basically, you note the club, tell me what you'd like drawn and I'll put all your names in a hat (aka and pair you up. You'll then have until Feburary 14th (ish) to get your images done for your Valentine.

1) You can only ask for IZ related things
2) Since this is a holiday thing, it has to be related to the holiday (in this case Valentine's day)
3) You can ask for Canon characters if you want
4) If you're going to ask for someone else's character, please make sure they're okay with that before you ask.


Deadline: January 31st

Secret Valentines will then be sent out the following day. C8


Have you ever wanted a irkpreciation t-shirt? Well... GOOD NEWS. I've gotten ProjectHalfbreed to design a logo to put on a shirt. I've ordered a couple for me and a couple other people. If you want one too, I'm taking orders. This is the logo:

Irkpreciation Logo 2.0 by ProjectHalfbreed

If you want one of your own IP t-shirts, NOTE me with your size. If you want it with just the logo, they cost $30 $35 USD ($30 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). If you want your name on the back as well (whether that be your username or your real name), they cost $35 $45 USD ($40 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS $10 EXTRA. If you get it with your name on it, I have to order 6+ with names to order them. CustomInk is finicky like that. I can order single t-shirts without names though. PayPal is the only acceptable form of payment at the moment. If you wish to order a t-shirt, please NOTE ME.
I had to increase prices on the shirts because if you order only one they are noooot cheap to have made.

:new: I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW PLACE TO GET THESE MADE THAT IS CHEAPER. The quality from CustomInk is fantastic, but they're very expensive to have made unless you do it in bulk, and I've only gotten one order since my initial order. I'm considering cafepress and places like that. If you've had shirts made from places, please let me know how the quality was and how expensive it is!


So I asked in the poll if you guys would do a survey for me, and a lot of you answered yes! So, I've put together a survey for you guys to take! You can take it over here: CLICK ME! The sooner you take it, the better! I'm hoping for a lot of feedback so I can make improvements to the group. Thank you in advance!


:bulletpink::bulletpink:UNSEEN ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpink::bulletpink:


swiblet picked DerCouch to be our unseen artist of the week! (I'm going in order from which these were recieved, just so you know!) swiblet wanted to feature DerCouch because their paintings are AMAZING! And I totally agree! I haven't seen someone this talented with a paint-ery style in a while. They have a couple really neat IZ pieces they've done recently and we wanted to bring those to your attention. Please take a look:

:bulletgreen:Ladybug by DerCouch:bulletgreen:Contemplate the Toilet by DerCouch:bulletgreen:PROOF by DerCouch:bulletgreen:

:bulletpink::bulletpink:POPULAR ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpink::bulletpink:


In Zon's current state of Zon-ness, Zon doesn't qualify as a popular artist. BUT ON ZON'S OLD PAGE... They do. So, I'm declaring Zontar-Zon (formerly ZontarZon) the popular artist of the week on behalf of Heavenbat who wanted to feature Zon. This is what Heavenbat had to say about the wonderful Zontar-Zon: "I'd like to feature Zontar-Zon. They used to be big in the IZ fandom, but ended up leaving... but now they're back and better than ever!! Seriously, they continue to improve with almost every piece of art they do. Amazing backgrounds, fantastic perspective work, and an astounding use of detailssss. Zon's an amazingly funny and friendly person too, and is just all-around fantastic C:"

I agree. Zon does really amazing work. Zon is a FANTASTIC pixel artist. Really, look:

:bulletgreen:Watchful by Zontar-Zon:bulletgreen:Hoverboarding Free Fall (Old Art) by Zontar-Zon:bulletgreen:Down the Escape Shute by Zontar-Zon:bulletgreen:Glass- Gift by Zontar-Zon:bulletgreen:

And that's it for features this week! 8D Stay tuned for next week!


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iNSaNiTYDragon2000 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Artist
cool group!
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LiquidLeo Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question: how long is the voting period for the Mascot Contest before the results are posted?
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Wow, how can I join this club?! :D
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Couldn't find the foulder for the Mascot contest. So here's my entry!
LiquidLeo Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe I missed it, but is there a folder for the mascot contest? I couldn't seem to find one. :\ Here's my entry:…
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Hopefully I submitted that Ir-Ken picture to the right folder now
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Heeeeey I don't know if I should submit this to the gallery or what but I finally have my commission sheet ready for you 
Commission Price Sheet by xkarolinax666
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PROtypeM3X Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hey, I added a category to my commissions list….

can't remember if you guys update this info but i was advised to let you know if i did. thanks for advertising me <3
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Could you make a folder for the 2013 secret santa?
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LiquidLeo Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my entry for the ID contest. :33 I hope that you like it!…
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