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July 2014 - Week 5 - new features, new folder

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 6:43 PM

STAMP: I support Irkpreciation by FortheLoveofKei


:bulletwhite: Short journal this week! Lots of links!

:bulletwhite: If you were at InvaderCON3 this past weekend, we have a folder just for you! Look below!


Have you ever wanted a irkpreciation t-shirt? Well... GOOD NEWS. I've gotten ProjectHalfbreed to design a logo to put on a shirt. I've ordered a couple for me and a couple other people. If you want one too, I'm taking orders. This is the logo:

Irkpreciation Logo 2.0 by ProjectHalfbreed

If you want one of your own IP t-shirts, NOTE me with your size. If you want it with just the logo, they cost $30 USD ($25 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). If you want your name on the back as well (whether that be your username or your real name), they cost $35 USD ($30 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS $3 EXTRA. If you get it with your name on it, I have to order 6+ with names to order them. CustomInk is finicky like that. I can order single t-shirts without names though. PayPal is the only acceptable form of payment at the moment. If you wish to order a t-shirt, please NOTE ME. ProjectHalfbreed and Heavenbat will be wearing their t-shirts at InvaderCON in July if you wish to see them in person. When they get here, I'll be taking shots of me in mine to post here! ((I still haven't taken pictures ><; ))

Our first order has come through! Thank you!


I hear you guys had a BLAST at IC3! Heavenbat has told me many stories about the con today and I’m so very excited for all of you that got to go! I want to share in that excitement, so I’m opening a folder specifically for you guys! Any and all photos you took while you were at the con, or doodles you doodled at the con, or if you did a livestream from the con and want to post the pictures you did from it, or a youtube video or anything like that, you can post those things in this folder right here! I know you guys had to have taken lots of photos. You can even post your recap journals from the con here! I want to read all about it and I’m sure that everyone that didn’t get a chance to go wants to hear from you too. So post away! When I get the sketchbook I sent along with ProjectHalfbreed and Heavenbat back, I’ll post the scans in this folder as well. c:




:bulletwhite: IP-Com-Listing is open for business! If you want to have your commissions listed in the group, please let us know and we will get them posted as soon as possible.

:bulletpink:SOS COMMISSIONS:bulletpink:
Are you in need of some financial assistance? Note us and we'll post your commissions listing up here. If you aren't taking commissions and are instead taking donations, we can still post those here. C:

:bulletblue::bulletblue:SUPER GROUP AND POINTS:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Supergroup til January 7th, 2015

563 :points:

If you wish to donate points to the club, please put them in IrkpreciationCommish's donation pool.



:bulletpurple:UNSEEN ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpurple:

I found TheIncaWolf on UnseenIrkenArtists! TheIncaWolf has been on dA for 3 years now and has ~47,000 page views and 270 watchers. TheIncaWolf does cute, IZ-style artwork and is really accomplished with how many deviations they have (150 to be exact). They own the group Z-A-R-R, which is a group dedicated to the love between ZIM and their character Captain Rakou. Anyway, enjoy some cute fanart:

:bulletgreen: .:There's Something In Your Locker:. by TheIncaWolf:bulletgreen: .:Amaterasu Zim Reference:. by TheIncaWolf:bulletgreen: .:JAYS ON MAH FEET:. by TheIncaWolf:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:JUST BECAUSE FEATURE OF THE WEEK:bulletpurple:

Jingle101 was a contestant in IP-Pageant that dropped out back in June. Heavenbat and I have decided to feature all the people that have dropped out of the pageant here on IP til we run out of drop outs (since they didn’t get a chance to show their pretty arts to the world)! So, Jingle101 entered their OC Thorn into the pageant. Thorn is pretty rad, has the neatest antennae I’ve seen in a while (and I’ve seen some pretty neat antennae over the years). Thorn was neat though and I was really sad I didn’t get to see her in awesome outfits. Oh well. Maybe next year! Jingle101 does more than IZ stuff though. She has her own original species and does a lot of cute artwork! If you haven’t checked her out before, I definitely recommend her. NOW! BEHOLD THE AWESOME ARTWORK:

:bulletgreen:Thorn Beauty Pageant Entry by Jingle101:bulletgreen:Jjar Species Ref Sheet by Jingle101:bulletgreen: C'Mere- Xean by Jingle101:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:POPULAR ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpurple:

So we haven’t done a popular artist in a while, so I dug in my pile of people I watch and selected TheCau from the bin. TheCau has been on dA for 6 years, has a little over 43,000 pageviews, 745 watchers, and some of the coolest IZ-styled artwork in the fandom. TheCau is also an admin on Trial-by-Fire-OCT, one of the new OCTs on the market this year and is participating in IP-Pageant with her Vortian OC Maja. Surprisingly, TBF is the only club that TheCau admins for (or at least that’s the only one listed on her page…) TheCau is super awesome, stands up for what she believes in and is a great friend. So, she gets the popular artist feature this week! Did I mention she does point commissions sometimes and her prices are very reasonable? ALSO, LOOK AT THIS ART:

:bulletgreen: IP Pageant: Four Horsemen by TheCau:bulletgreen: ::Commission:: Gossip by TheCau:bulletgreen: ::Commission:: Tikah by TheCau:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple:SELFLESS ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple:OFF-SITE FEATURE OF THE WEEK:bulletpurple:

Anyone that’s been in this fandom for a number of years knows about this website. Room With a Moose and GIR has, since roughly 2006, been turned into a MASSIVE archive of all things Invader ZIM. There’s all kinds of things there, from screenshots from the show to the Irken and Invader fonts (in case you can’t find them on It’s, surprisingly, still around, unlike a lot of ZIM websites that have closed down since the beginning of my run on the fandom here on deviantART. I think my favorite part of the website is The Closet which is full of pictures, video clips and all kinds of stuff from the days when ZIM was still on the air on Nickelodeon. Also, the SCRIPTS from the unmade episodes are there! Go check it out!

:bulletpink::bulletpink:NEW AFFILAITES:bulletpink::bulletpink:


Trials-of-Storm was mentioned in our new OCT listing journal. Basically, Trials-of-Storm is an OCT that’s not about killing your opponent. It’s about surviving – and beating – the trials of the mysterious alien, Storm. So the trials are different sorts of things like treasure hunts and obstacle courses. It looks pretty neat. If you aren’t into killing people in tournaments and want to try something different than the highlander type tournaments that Trial-by-Fire-OCT and The-BloodSport offers, I would try this one. After all, OCTs are a great way to find new friends and meet new people! Auditions are open until August 30th, 2014 (or until 50 contestants are reached).

More Journal Entries





Sunday, August 31st @ 8:59pm

Mary Sue Contest is due on August 31st and 12:00AM Eastern Standard Time. You can find information about the contest here.

Countdown to Mascot Contest Due Date

Tuesday, September 30th @ 8:59pm

The Irkpreciation Mascot Contest is due on September 30th, 2014 at 12:00AM EST. You can find more information about the contest here!

Club Calendar

InvaderCONIII in Austin, TX

August 31st - Mary Sue Contest Due

September 30th - Mascot Contest Due

Halloween Entries Accepted

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