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SEPTEMBER 2014 - WEEK 4 - Mary Sue Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 10:20 AM

STAMP: I support Irkpreciation by FortheLoveofKei


:bulletwhite: Mary Sue Contest winners below!

:bulletblue::bulletblue:MARY SUE CONTEST WINNERS:bulletblue::bulletblue:
Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna Dancer by ProjectHalfbreed

ProjectHalfbreed has won the Mary Sue contest by a landslide!

Lady Angelina Raven Shadow Rainbow Starlight by Corrupted-Mooch

Corrupted-Mooch came in second with our only Vortian entry!

ProjectHalfbreed and Corrupted-Mooch are both entitled to a full non-nightmare digital commission from me! Guys, get with me so I can get your prizes started!

StarBurst-MarySue contest entry by XunstinuaTeaLover IP: Mary Sue Contest Entry by FortheLoveofKei

XunstinuaTeaLover and myself? (You guys really voted for that crap? Okay...) XunstinuaTeaLover, you get a cleaned up sketch. I'm not drawing myself a prize.

IZ: Seth Shinigami Razor Akuma McEdgy by InsaneMonkey46 CE - SPARKLE SPARKLE DESU by Heavenbat Zam the Mary Sue small by tisvana18 CE: OMG WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION?!! by SilentRisingSun

InsaneMonkey46, Heavenbat, tisvana18, and SilentRisingSun did such wonderful jobs too! I am extending a freebie sketch commission to them too. Though they won't be as pretty as the one for XunstinuaTeaLover. Y'ALL NOTE ME WITH WHAT YOU WANT.

Congratulations to ProjectHalfbreed for coming up with the best monstrosity Mary Sue.


Have you ever wanted a irkpreciation t-shirt? Well... GOOD NEWS. I've gotten ProjectHalfbreed to design a logo to put on a shirt. I've ordered a couple for me and a couple other people. If you want one too, I'm taking orders. This is the logo:

Irkpreciation Logo 2.0 by ProjectHalfbreed

If you want one of your own IP t-shirts, NOTE me with your size. If you want it with just the logo, they cost $30 $35 USD ($30 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). If you want your name on the back as well (whether that be your username or your real name), they cost $35 $45 USD ($40 for the shirt, $5 for shipping). INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS $10 EXTRA. If you get it with your name on it, I have to order 6+ with names to order them. CustomInk is finicky like that. I can order single t-shirts without names though. PayPal is the only acceptable form of payment at the moment. If you wish to order a t-shirt, please NOTE ME.
I had to increase prices on the shirts because if you order only one they are noooot cheap to have made.

CE - IP Mascot by HeavenbatContest - irkpreciation Mascot by Tulpen-TeufelCE: Irkpreciation Mascot by LiquidLeoIrk-Perry-ciation Mascot by ZoologyKaM


:bulletwhite: IP-Com-Listing is open for business! If you want to have your commissions listed in the group, please let us know and we will get them posted as soon as possible.

:bulletpink:SOS COMMISSIONS:bulletpink:
Are you in need of some financial assistance? Note us and we'll post your commissions listing up here. If you aren't taking commissions and are instead taking donations, we can still post those here. C:


ProjectHalfbreed recently lost her job and is taking money commissions as a means to try to make up the income she has lost. Her prices are EXTREMELY reasonable and her art is freaking CUTE. So, please go help her out and commission her if you can!
New Commission pricing by ProjectHalfbreed ***Money Commissions Open*** *FULL SLOTSasdfghjklasdfghjkl
Well I've gotten an interview now I'm just waiting on getting the call back to know if I got the job or not, so these babies are still open.
So I'm drawing in whatever I can to get some money, if you can't commission me I'd love it if you could spread the word, if you can commission me you may look at the prices below and behold all the vast goodies I have.
I would be very grateful if you decide to buy one, ^^
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Bluesketches, line-art, Digital DrawingsBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

You can click the image to get a better view, but that's the pricing for my sketches and digital art.
But if you can't read the prices here, I'll list them.
Sketch: $1.00
Lineart with B/W: $2.00
Colored: $3.00
Sketches: $2.00


SaoirseRanekaera’s computer is shot! She can still do commissions, but she needs to raise a bit of cash to replace her computer (it wasn’t even two years old, it is super sad)! So, she charges between $5-20USD depending on what you want done. If you’re interested, please get in touch with Sao and commission her!
Offering commissions!!Commissions are open!! $5-$20 depending on what you want.
For anything like this raven here <---- I charge $20 for something like that.
For any of the examples you see under this journal where it says "commission info" I typically charge $10.
Cleaned lineart is $5!
Help out a starving artist!


Shh, yes I need money too. I’m about to pay a crap ton of money for my tuition and stuff for college and I only have a little bit of free time left between now and when school starts, so I’m trying to get a little extra money so I can buy things like clothes and stuff I need to actually look nice at school. Please help ProjectHalfbreed and SaoirseRanekaera before you help me out though, I’ll be okay. BUT if you want some of my pretty art, feel free to check out my listing and note me if you want a commission.
Commissions Information - 3 slots openEDIT: Added a few new types of commissions today!
50x50 ICONS:
Static: 20 :points:
Animated: 50 :points: (for existing base)
Animated: 80 :points: (for custom base)
Matching Pair: 120 :points:
100x50 ICONS:
:iconv-0-1-d: :iconvortianfightingarena: :iconiz-death-race:
Static: 40 :points:
Animated: 80 :points:
Static: 50 :points:
Animated: 100 :points:

100 :points:
Egg Adoptable Batch 1: #11 by FortheLoveofKeiEgg Adoptable Batch 1: #9 by FortheLoveofKeiEgg Adoptable Batch 1: #1 by FortheLoveofKei C: LonelyAardvark Custom Adoptable by FortheLoveofKei
Irken: 200 :points:
Vortian: 250 [Points]
Other Species: 300 [Points]
Full Reference Sheets: 800 [Points]
Request for Chibixzaide by invader-fliker Trade with Invadernids by invader-fliker C - Sonya for amyschnoo11 by invader-fliker C: Mary glomps Lyra by FortheLoveofKei
1 character, no background: 200 [Points]
+character: +50 [Points]
+background: +100 [Points]
(First three are ta

:bulletblue::bulletblue:SUPER GROUP AND POINTS:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Supergroup til January 7th, 2015

563 :points:

If you wish to donate points to the club, please put them in IrkpreciationCommish's donation pool.




I need your help! Please send features my way!

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