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When we all come together...

Happy August! Blood Sport is Back! News Below!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 8:48 AM



:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:Custom Doll Maker News:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:
Hiyas!!! This is :iconsailorcelestial:

Are you interested in helping out with the Doll-maker? The gallery has been updated with all of the body-base parts.


:bulletpink: CLOTHES
:bulletpink: SHOES
:bulletpink: ANTENNAE (Make your own with the tutorial I made!… )
:bulletpink: JEWELRY
:bulletpink: SCARS OR TATTOOS
:bulletpink: HAIR OR WIGS
:bulletpink: ITEMS
:bulletpink: HATS

Someone is already working on the make-up (with eye-lashes), so that's already covered.


There's only a few things you need to remember when making things for the Doll-maker:
1. ALWAYS use a transparent background.
2. UPLOAD in a .PNG format or .GIF format.
3. OUTLINE in a 1 PT outline. (Antialiasing disabled. If you don't know what that is, it's what makes the line look smooth.)


And that's all there is to it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!!!

:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:OMG. BLOOD SPORT IS BACK:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:

I have wonderful news everyone! The-BloodSport is back in business! The ever amazing crazycala has passed on the reigns to my good friend (and fellow mod here) swiblet as well as avatarjk137, a big force in the fandom that was originally going to head up BS4 to begin with before a little mellow-drama happened. It's fantastic to see them both back in business! It's also been confirmed that Ravenpuff will be modding for BS4 and possibly judging? (That last bit I'm not sure on.) It's fantastic to see them trying to revitalize the most influencial OCT in invader zim fandom history.

And the best part? They're going back to the basics. While the glitter and flowery events, round conditions, and stuff from other OCTs are nice and all, they can really put a kink in your plans if you've already got everything plotted out. So, they're doing away with that! Back to the basics for us! They've also mentioned a story line, which should be interesting. swiblet himself has mentioned to me that the host will be super creepy! And possibly not Irken? Oh! Better news! The Irken-only race restriction has been lifted! EVERYONE (within reason, I'm certian) can join this time!

I hope to see you all in round one, I'll certainly be entering this time. ;3

EDIT: Gvozdi is also going to be a judge as well!


It's time to get back to business with irkpreciation and start up some FUN stuff! I've been neglectful and I'm sorry. I hope you guys don't hate me too much!

So, I'm letting you guys decide what we're going to do in September. It's kind of too late to slap something together for this month, but if you guys throw me an idea for this month, I'll see what I can do!

The poll is ready for you to vote on!

:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:SOS COMMISSIONS:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:

PROtypeM3X is trying to get a little cash together so he can buy some video games. He only has a shitty retail job and he loves drawing, sos this is his only way of earning enough money to get a new game to play. You guys all know how important video games are! He's exceptionally good at drawing pinups. ;3 So if you're hankering for a pretty picture all your own, go check out his Bounty Board.
The Bounty Board                      
Commissions are now open and starting off with 10 slots. Not doing art trade slots any more because everyone seems jumps on those and then I quickly become unimportant when they're full. The pieces that i used for examples are a bit small but what ever commissions i get for them will be fairly bigger.
*PROtype 5tore>> The long awaited PROtype 5tore is now open.
*fA/Tumblr EXCLUSIVE*>> Over on furaffinity or on Tumblr, I can post more adult oriented art works. i do have limitations as to what i will draw so don't flip your lid if i don't want to draw a certain something. just ask and i'll let you know what i feel ok with drawing.

*For all commissions*
I will be live streaming all commissions when possible. keep an eye out on my



:bulletpink::bulletpink:UNSEEN ARTIST OF THE WEEK:bulletpink::bulletpink:

Ma-Junior is my choice as Unseen Artist of the Week! Ma-Junior has been on deviantART for 6 years now and has some BEAUTIFUL artwork! I cannot express that last part enough. He has some beautiful Irken pieces as well as stuff from other fandoms. I mean, really, you guys should check him out. He really does not get enough love. Ma-Junior has participated in both seasons of IP-Pageant, and I know I for one, am always excited to see what he does with each month. He always does really well with the themes we've chosen. I'm going to throw five pieces of art at you guys because I just like Ma-Junior's art so much.

:bulletgreen:Ready by Ma-Junior:bulletgreen:IP-June-2014 by Ma-Junior:bulletgreen:IP-October-2014 by Ma-Junior:bulletgreen:SE-March-2015 by Ma-Junior:bulletgreen:SE-July-2015 by Ma-Junior:bulletgreen:

:bulletpink::bulletpink:JUST BECAUSE FEATURE OF THE WEEK:bulletpink::bulletpink:

BECAUSE I WANT TO, DAMMIT. I friggin LOVE MyHysteria's artwork. It's so dark and spooky and with heavy shadows. And I just love it. She's been around for 5ever (7 years, holy cow). And is the owner of Blade and Scy, two really awesome OCs (whom I hope get to be in Blood Sport because I wanna draw 'em). MyHysteria is also in a couple other fandoms including MLP, Deadpool, and Alice: The Madness Returns. But I love her IZ art so much. Here, you gotta see:

:bulletgreen:Out on the hunt by MyHysteria:bulletgreen:Sadi VS Blade by MyHysteria:bulletgreen:Scy Reference: updated by MyHysteria:bulletgreen:Blade Reference :updated: by MyHysteria:bulletgreen:Chillin Instead of Killin.. by MyHysteria:bulletgreen:

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